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==[[News|News and Calendar Highlights from our Communities]]==
* Wikis being ported to chem1.ccas.gwu.edu

==About GW Chemistry==
The GWU Chemistry program is small by the standards of most chemistry programs. However, its size has  been an attribute in attracting top-quality students who are looking for the type of individual attention that is available here. Further, our small size has catalyzed interdisciplinary research that links our program with scientists and engineers with mutual interests. Our students are exposed to top quality research both at GWU and through collaborative arrangements with our partners throughout the world. They are encouraged to attend and present results at both National and International meetings. This strategy has been a successful recipe in assuring our graduates postdoctoral employment in research labs in both the public and private sectors. As an additional testament to the quality of our program, it is noteworthy that almost 20% of our department’s recent Ph.D.s have entered tenure-track positions in research institutions.

==About This Server==
This server was made possible by a grant from the GW Instructional Technology program and came on line in June 2008. The computer is a Dell Poweredge 1900 with a total of 8 cores and 16 GB of RAM. In addition to supporting wikis for courses and research groups, wikis are hosted for a variety of interest groups and committees that are connected with the teaching, research, and service activities of GW Chemistry Faculty. Feel free to contact the GW Chemistry Office if you wish to have a wiki hosted here. (You must be sponsored by a GW Chemistry faculty member!)

==[[Contact Information]]==</rev>